• Saturday Mar 02 2024

Monitoring & Evaluation Mechanism

FF has set up its monitoring, evaluation and reporting system. The system consists of 5 components. The components of the system are as follows:

  • Results Based LFA
  • Performance Management Framework
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis and Decision Making
  • Reporting The evaluation framework is primarily focused on the performance of the programme which is accessed through analysis of project environment, organisational motivation and organisational capacity assessment.

The performance criterion is followed as under:

  • Effectiveness – the extent to which a programme or project achieves its immediate objectives or produces its desired outcomes
  • Efficiency – the optimal transformation of inputs into outputs
  • Relevance - Types of interventions with its connection to external context and overall objectives of FF

The effectiveness of programme is assessed through achievements vs planned results at output and outcome level as well as access to services by target groups within the project area.

The programme efficiency relates to the capacity in developing and implementing structures and mechanisms of:

  • Organisation and Management
  • Programme Management (Planning and Reporting)
  • Financial, Planning and Management
  • Constraints Means and Resource Deployed to achieve Outputs
  • Financial, Planning and Management

The programme components are reviewed to determine the relevance of programmes through assessing and analyzing:

  • Development issues at the local, national, regional and/or global levels
  • Target groups, whose needs and constraints must be clearly identified relative to their gender, socio-economic status and geographical location
  • Direct beneficiaries, which may be the government, the private sector and/or CBOs, which are responsible for implementing programme/project and sustaining its positive results.
  • Constraints Means and Resource Deployed to achieve Outputs
  • Financial, Planning and Management