• Wednesday Apr 24 2024

Educational Support

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of female illiteracy in South Asia, at about 60 percent, and the lowest rate of primary school enrollment for girls, at somewhere between 42 and 48 percent. Those shortcomings are particularly pronounced in the KPK. The issue has become even more of a battleground in recent years, as resurgent Islamic extremism bumps heads with the government’s recent efforts to expand girls’ education.
In educational support we are committed to protect the rights of women and children and started a project for the welfare of the street children and poor children in Faisalabad. The project is being managed by a very active and dedicated group of 20 volunteers in the name of Behbood-e-Talba Forum (BTF). The volunteer group consists on educational and law professionals who are volunteer members of Friends Foundation. The BTF is committed to provide logistic and financial support to the street children’s as well as poor children. The services provided by the BTF include logistic and financial support, free coaching services and scholarships to the poor children. To ensure the enrollment of students is one of the prime services of BTF. All these services are being provided with the local efforts of the volunteers at their own.

  • Increase women’s decision-making and participation in economic, political and social processes;
  • Improve women’s access to resources
  • Improve the level of education of women and girls
  • Promote the human rights of women