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Friends Foundation (FF) established in 2001 by CEO- M. Abbas Gondal and his chum friends when devastating flood hit Rawalpindi in Punjab province which caused a huge loss of infrastructure, lives and property. FF stood up to safe humanity from sufferings and started working day and night for provision of medical facilities to needy people. Friends Foundation responding to emergencies and increasing access of the underprivileged segments of the society to social services. FF is dedicated to eradication of poverty through promotion of sustainable development.


Friends Foundation is contributing a great deal in bringing a positive change in our social system and struggling to reduce poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases and replace them with hope for the future. More



Emergency Response

Project was implemented by Friends Foundation with the support of Concern World Wide Pakistan Program.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Women Empowerment

FF Key activities for promotion of Gender Equality FF ensures women and men equal participation during project designing, implementation and monitoring and evaluation process according to target population.

Our Programs

Early Child Care

The FF organization is planning to embark to a new programme of primary education with special focus on girls to bring gender equality in this area.

Education Support

In educational support we are committed to protect the rights of women and children and started a project for the welfare of the street children and poor children in Faisalabad.

Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction

Friends Foundation is committed to respond all humanitarian and man-mad emergencies and ensure that the emergency response is timely, at an appropriate scale and scope and provide efficient services with safety and dignity to the most and vulnerable children and families.

Community Development

In order to bring the prompt change in the livelihoods of marginalized groups, Friends Foundation focused on health, education, income generation opportunities through micro enterprise and skill development.

Social Mobilization & Organization

Friends Foundation takes Social Mobilization as the primary means of supporting rural men and women in their efforts to change their lives towards poverty alleviation and organization.