• Saturday May 25 2024

Friends Foundation Annual Reports & Tender Details

Response to Acute Water Diarrhea

Traditional Birth Attendants’ (TBA’s) Trainings

Friends Foundation capacitated itself for capacity Building Program functioning to assist the health Sector intervention by adapting local available MCH services for quality assurances, FF focuses on Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) trainings; the most promising interventions for reducing prenatal mortality and morbidity aiming to reduce Infant and mother mortality rate in Pakistan. The best practice models are being adopted which focuses on human resource training to address the issue to considerable extent.

Friends Foundation has been trained more than 500 traditional birth attendants so far; these trainings have been organized in different rural and urban areas of Punjab to promote better prenatal care practices and improving the quality of maternal health-care services.

A unique eight-day  orientation curriculum is being adopted to trained the TBAs, training orients them on safe delivery practices using a client centered approach and inspires them to change their harmful delivery care practices.

Friends Foundation is providing technical assistance to district health department Rawalpindi as well to recruit the TBAs/CMWs and providing them training on safe delivery practices