• Wednesday Apr 24 2024

Safe Water

Location/Target Area/Geographical area of implementation: Rawalpindi and Gujarat

Project duration: Sept,07 to 2009

Name of Donor agency/ funding source: ABT/USAID

Project Cost PKR: 14265610

Key Outputs/ Deliverables: Capacity Building of TMA/WASA, Provision of the services of Filtration Plants

FF implemented the Pakistan Safe drinking Program (PSDWP) with the support of ABT/USAID in the two districts (Gujarat & Rawalpindi).
The objective of the project was to improve the drinking water practices, enchantment of Hand Washing practice, and community involvement in the rehabilitation of the filtration plant. The activities are as under:

  • Social Mobilization
  • Generation of the community revolving fund
  • Hygiene sessions with students/parents/teachers
  • Awareness raising seminar with religious leaders
  • Rehabilitation/Installation of the filtration plants
  • Printing of IEC materials

Total Beneficiaries:11,571 Families